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Refund Policy

1. Wallet Recharge Refunds:

Users can request a refund of their wallet recharge at any time, provided they have not purchased a horse or won a lot in the auction. Refunds will be processed promptly upon request, and the funds will be returned to the original payment method used for the wallet recharge.

2. Holding Funds for Auction Transactions:

If a user has purchased a horse or won a lot in the auction, the amount in their wallet will be held until all transactions and invoices related to the auction are completed. This ensures that there are sufficient funds available to cover any potential fees, charges, or outstanding payments associated with the user's auction activity.

3. Refund Process for Auction Winners:

Once all auction transactions and invoices are finalized, any remaining funds in the user's wallet will be refunded to them. Users can request a refund of these remaining funds after the completion of all auction-related transactions.

4. Timing of Refunds:

Refunds for wallet recharge amounts will be processed promptly upon request. Refunds for remaining wallet balances after auction transactions will be processed once all transactions and invoices are finalized, typically within a reasonable timeframe after the conclusion of the auction.

5. Refund Requests:

Users can initiate refund requests through their Kaheelah Auction account dashboard or by contacting customer support. Customer support will assist users with the refund process and provide updates on the status of their refund requests as needed.

6. Exceptions:

In exceptional circumstances, such as system errors or technical issues, Kaheelah Auction reserves the right to adjust refund policies as necessary to ensure fairness and integrity. Any changes to the refund policy will be communicated clearly to users through the website or other appropriate channels.

By implementing this refund policy, Kaheelah Auction aims to provide transparency, flexibility, and fairness to its users while ensuring the smooth operation of auction transactions and financial processes.